Why Your Salesforce Org May Need a Health Check

Is your Salesforce instance not aligned with how you want to run your business? Is your team not able to fully leverage this world-class technology? Do you have mismatched picklists, data in the wrong place, and automation and reports that aren’t working for you?

It’s a story we frequently hear at Agile Cloud Consulting.  We can help you structure and optimize your Salesforce org to help you meet your business goals through our Salesforce Org Assessment.  

One of our Salesforce Solutions Architects will meet with your team and learn about what’s working and what’s not working.  We typically analyze architecture, your overall system, license consumption, data storage consumption, security, automation, and environment management.   

After our sessions, we’ll provide you with a written Assessment that includes the current state, recommendations, and future state – how to position your Salesforce org for your work and the work you want to do.  Our customers report using the visual representation of the current and future state architecture and flow to demonstrate why they need to invest in a more efficient future state.

Recommendations will be outlined in a roadmap approach (1-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months) to have an achievable and prioritized plan that you can execute yourself, work with Agile Cloud Consulting to achieve, or even contract with another firm.  Our priority is your success.

Most of us go to the Doctor for an annual physical; it may be time to do that with a valuable member of your team, your Salesforce org. 

Tell us why your Salesforce org needs a physical.


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