The Making of Agile Clouds Comic

What is Agile Clouds Comic?

Agile Clouds Comic is a weekly comic strip created by our CEO Sharif Shaalan & Creative Director Al-Tariq Graves. The comic focuses on the Salesforce eco system and stars Adam the Admin, Connie the Consultant, Devin the Developer, and Bob the Boss.

Sharif Shaalan and Al-Tariq Graves met in the year 1999. They met in a college hang out called “The Lounge” in Newark New Jersey. Sharif and Al-Tariq started a clothing line back then and worked together for years on many creative projects. Fast forward to 2019… Al-Tariq came onboard as the Creative Director of Agile Cloud Consulting.

The Idea…

This idea came about as a way to make Salesforce fun while teaching people. All of the ideas come from real life experience. They wanted to have this every Sunday like a traditional “Sunday Comic”. The first idea was playing off of the fact that some people that use Salesforce make EVERYONE a system Admin.

Creative Process….

Getting the comics ready is not as easy as it seems, there is a process!

We asked Sharif & Al-Tariq about how they come up with the idea and how they implement it and here’s what they told us.

Sharif comes up with a sketch and sends it to Al-Tariq, they have a call and bounce ideas off of each other to make it funnier as the script develops.


Then, Al-Tariq does his magic!


We gathered all the questions we get from Facebook, Twitter, etc.. and had Sharif & Al-Tariq answer them in a video. Enjoy!!


By Sarah Al-Qersh

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