Summer! Implement Pardot Now to Set it and Forget it Ahead of End of Year Giving 

Ah, sweet summertime. It’s the perfect time of year for sunshine, pool days, bbqs, ice cream and …a Pardot implementation? 

Yes, a Pardot implementation.  Hear us out. 

During the summer both you and your donors shift focus.  Donors are on vacation, you may be as well.  It’s a welcome albeit small break from the hardest job in the world – fundraising. Summer is the perfect time to plan your marketing and engagement strategy for the Fall and Spring.

Pardot is a sophisticated but easy to use marketing automation tool built within the Salesforce platform.

Implementing Pardot is a fun, swift, cost-effective project that will enable you to steward your constituents more efficiently, see the complete digital history with your donors and set you up for success ahead of end of year giving initiatives. 

Many nonprofit organizations do not convey their successes or know their constituents well. What are your donors’ interests? How are they engaging with you? Is John Smith a cat person or a dog person?  One step to make that more efficient and more targeted is to implement Pardot.

Why Pardot

With Pardot you can see a 360 view of your donors’ interests, engagement and complete digital history with your organization. From that data, you can seamlessly segment constituents into like-minded groups (ie: donors over $100 annual gifts, lapsed donors, new subscribers, donors interested in cats etc.), personalize email data and create automated constituent journeys. When communications are tailored and reflect a constituent’s interest, actionable outcomes skyrocket.

Digital Marketing Trends

According to’s 2020 ‘Top Four Trends Impacting Nonprofit Marketers Report’ 57% of individuals will stop supporting an organization because another provided a better experience. So the question becomes, how are you cutting through the noise and prioritizing your constituents’ experience ahead of Giving Tuesday and end of year giving?

Outcomes with Pardot

Summer is the perfect time to plan your year in stewardship starting with Fall fundraising, build your marketing plan now knowing you have a solution that will:

  • Grow donor relationships and steward donors more effectively 
  • Acquire new supporters/donors through forms and landing pages
  • Unify views of your donors’ interests, activity and engagement 
  • Orchestrate personalized journeys that build long-term relationships 
  • Measure the impact of your marketing efforts on your fundraising goals  

Implementing Pardot now will allow your nonprofit to automate and pinpoint engagement ahead of the most critical fundraising time of the year. Take the guesswork out of how to maximize your constituent engagement. Set it and forget it. Knock your end of year fundraising goals out of the park and most importantly, stop sending dog people email about cats.


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About us

Christine Andrewes is a dog person and Nonprofit Marketing Specialist at Salesforce. She works with customers on executing marketing and fundraising strategies at Salesforce. LinkedIN:

Lisa Fay Wellek is a dog person and Engagement Consultant at Agile Cloud Consulting.  She was the Chief of Staff and business sponsor for a large enterprise-level Salesforce implementation.


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