Success Story: Farah Ghanem

Success is one of the most important secrets of happiness that everyone is looking for. It requires continuous hard work along with patience and a determined person with powerful will to reach success. It can be defined in many different ways, and seen from different perspectives. And learning Inspirational stories about successful people shows you how to approach success and the right way to achieve it. Below is a short inspirational story about Farah Ghanem

Farah Sherif graduated with a degree in computer engineering and worked as a computer engineer in a very well-known communication company right after graduation.

Two years ago, she learned about Salesforce while she was still working in the communication engineering field, the idea was very impressive for her, and that’s when she decided to learn all about it.  She started by learning on Trailhead ( Salesforce learning platform ) the development modules and all the Salesforce technicalities for 2-3 months before she had her first part-time job as a Salesforce developer.

She loved learning about Salesforce and she was amazed by the platform’s capabilities and how Trailhead made learning very easy, that’s why she wanted to continue despite the fact that the part-time jobs / projects she worked on was unstable. She decided that she wants to take it to another level and apply for full-time jobs.

” A good developer has to be an admin first”. Farah decided to take baby steps towards being a full-time Salesforce developer, she started learning admin to strengthen her weak point and applied for a certification. but she did not succeed. this was a huge setback and frustration, she doubted the whole thing and thought that maybe Salesforce wasn’t the right track for her.

“learning Inspirational stories about successful people shows you how to approach success and the right way to achieve it” 

Farah eventually learned that failing her first Salesforce exam doesn’t measure her capabilities and she heard a lot of stories about people failing their exams more than one time yet they’re in a different place now. So, she decided not to give up, she continued learning until she passed her exam. She now has

Farah struggled to find a full-time job as a Salesforce developer back then because Salesforce wasn’t as known as now. She kept trying and learning for a year and a half! She never gave up.

She finally heard about Trailblazer community group and she thought ” Why not apply to be the group leader in Cairo” ?

She got accepted as Cairo Salesforce community group leader. Before she applied, the Cairo Salesforce community was about 20 people… she managed to grow the community  to be 100+ members in less than 10 months!

” I worked really hard to increase the number of people that knows about Salesforce in Egypt and i’m still willing to learn.”

She began to receive a lot of questions about Salesforce and how to get certified, etc, so she decided to write articles on Linkedin to share all the resources that helped her throughout her journey learning about Salesforce, and how to start learning Salesforce.

Farah managed to take her latest two certificates in one months! to be successfully carrying 6 Salesforce certificates. She’s now working as a Salesforce developers in one of the largest Salesforce customers in the middle east ” Mantrac Group ”

” I appreciate every moment of this journey, and i’m very thankful for everyone who helped me through it. Being a Salesforce developer was a dream that came true!” 


July 17th. 2020

By Sarah Al-Qersh

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