Snowflake Inc. is a leading data-as-a-service provider that dramatically reduces the overall cost and time to store and leverage data. The Snowflake Data Cloud allows you to collaborate locally and globally to reveal new insights. Snowflake allows organizations to store and access structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in one location, allowing for seamless data collaboration within an organization. 

The Data Cloud enables an organization’s most critical workloads, both across its business units as well as with its ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and customers. It can also be leveraged between any combination of the thousands of Data Cloud customers and Snowflake Marketplace providers. The opportunity to securely share and access governed data, tools, applications, other technologies, and data services– while preserving privacy– creates a near-endless combination of strategies and solutions to advance any organization’s business. Snowflake’s security and governance features were baked into the platform from day one, including end-to-end data encryption in transit and at rest.

How does this benefit our current Salesforce customers? Agile Cloud Consulting has developed a no-maintenance solution to mirror all metadata and data from Salesforce in Snowflake magically. This allows customers with large data volumes or complex querying requirements to realize the power of their data without governor limits or reporting limitations. Tableau can be deployed on top of Snowflake to allow for Business Intelligence activities, or SQL or Python scripts can be used to process and segment the data without limitation. 

Agile Cloud Consulting has built some fantastic utilities to meet the unique needs of our Nonprofit and Education clients:

  1. Annual Giving Summary (AGS) utilities allow for giving calculations to run automatically at whatever frequency desired. Custom summaries can run, and clients have access to the underlying SQL to modify the queries as they see fit. 
  2. Direct Mail Segmentation queries can be developed unique to each customer, run as needed, and either exported or shared with other Snowflake instances. Due to Snowflake’s near-unlimited elasticity, getting these segmentations takes minutes, not days! For organizations looking for an alternative to roundData, look no further!

While we have bespoke solutions for our 501c3 clients, our for-profit clients benefit from the same no-maintenance infrastructure and elasticity. Snowflake is highly applicable to all industries, including but not limited to advertising, media & communications, financial services, health & life sciences, manufacturing, retail, and high-tech. These industries directly coincide with the industries Agile Cloud Consulting is associated with, making it a perfect pairing and add-on for our customers. 

Snowflake is a powerful data solution that can benefit businesses, nonprofits, and education institutions looking to improve their operation efforts, house additional data, synthesize workloads, and take advantage of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning revolution. We could not be more proud to partner with Snowflake and marry our Salesforce expertise with greater data capabilities!

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