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Maximize Your Salesforce Investment with Expert Analysis and Recommendations

At Agile Cloud Consulting (ACC), we understand the importance of maximizing your Salesforce investment. Our top-notch team of consultants, architects, developers, and Salesforce MVPs are dedicated to helping you achieve your organizational goals. With years of experience across various industries within the Salesforce ecosystem, we are your independent health providers for your Salesforce instance.

Our Salesforce Assessment service offers a comprehensive analysis of your Salesforce deployment, providing recommendations for improvements and a roadmap to success. Whether you are looking to submit a request for proposal or simply gain visibility into your org, we are here to help you make informed decisions and achieve your strategic vision.

Our Salesforce Assessment Process:

  1. Org Assessment
    • Analysis: We meet with your stakeholders to evaluate the current state of your Salesforce deployment and usage. Our experts conduct a thorough assessment of the Salesforce technology, including configuration, integration, and data health.
    • Documentation: Upon completing our analysis, we work with our team to provide comprehensive documentation of your current state, including Consultant’s findings, Salesforce instance documentation, and recommendations for improvement.
  2. Recommendations
    • Our team of experts will provide recommendations based on Salesforce best practices, structured as short, medium, and long term needs or suggestions. These recommendations will help you navigate the numerous decisions and make informed choices as you build your roadmap.
  3. Continued Support
    • After our initial health check, we remain available as your trusted advisors and technical experts, offering guidance and expertise as new challenges arise.

Our Salesforce Assessment service is designed to ensure a successful project plan. We conduct a deep discovery into the requirements relative to Salesforce functionality, provide a design document outlining products, system integrations, and general design principles and approaches, and create a roadmap with recommended implementation phasing and components of each phase. Additionally, we include a proposal for the level of effort, timeline, and costs to implement and maintain Salesforce and any additional technologies.

Let Agile Cloud Consulting help you maximize your Salesforce investment with our expert assessment and recommendations. Contact us today to get started on the path to success.

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Our offering can be broken out into three main parts that we found add a tremendous value to your business

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We speak to your stakeholders and do a thorough assessment of the technology used drive your business including all configuration, integration and data health.

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After our analysis we go offsite and work with our team to provide you with thorough documentation of your current state. This document includes:

  • Architecture Analysis
  • System Overview Analysis
  • Platform Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Code Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
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After our full analysis and documentation we now have enough information to make our recommendations based on our extensive Salesforce and industry best practices expertise. We provide these recommendations for the short (1-3 Months), medium (3-9 Months) and long (9 Months+) term. You can take this analysis and use it as a blueprint for your strategic roadmap.

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