Product Development Outsourcing

Product Development Outsourcing

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What is a PDO?

A Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) is a Salesforce partner that builds apps for the AppExchange. Equally as important,  a PDO is a business partner working with you to develop and/or expand a line of business through a Salesforce product. At Agile cloud consulting our PDO practice is both technical and business-oriented to ensure you are successful from the beginning to the end of your Salesforce ISV (Independent Software Vendor) journey.

Why use a PDO Partner?


Having gone through this numerous times, our team of dedicated experts can move you through the Managed Application build and Appexchange listing process faster and more efficiently.


We have 10+ years of experience building Salesforce applications. We follow documented Best practices and know the gotchas that come along with the ISV process.


Navigating the Salesforce ecosystem can be daunting and our team works with you to establish a technical and business strategy, so you realize the value of your investment.

How can we help?

We help you determine the most scalable architecture for your application and the best partner agreement for your business.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Embedded- OEM Embedded applications are typically those that focus on building the infrastructure of an app to sell directly to a vertical such as Healthcare or Manufacturing. With this model, you can sell to existing Salesforce customers as well as obtain new customers and sell them your app directly through the Salesforce platform with specific OEM license types. This type of application relies on a custom build that does not need Sales or Service Cloud licensing.

ISVforce (ISV) – The ISVforce partnership is the most common way to partner with Salesforce. With this model, you sell your application to existing Salesforce customers through the Appexchange.

What sets Agile aside from the rest?

Our team has built multiple successful ISV products including applications that were acquired by Salesforce. We have walked in your shoes and have made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. We provide deep expertise in technology and business to be a trusted partner for our ISV customers.

Our Methodology


It all starts with the “Why”. We work with you to understand your business process to identify and help you understand how it fits into the Salesforce ecosystem, and how best to navigate the Salesforce partner landscape. We’ll work with you to define a business plan and guide you through the process of joining the Salesforce partner program.

Once your app is approved for the AppExchange we provide best practices on go-to-market, Alliances, and Marketing strategy.


As our name would imply, we leverage the Agile methodology to ensure a responsive and collaborative experience while building and refining your package for the AppExchange.

We make sure that your package is built to best practice standards, and work together through the security review process to ensure your app is approved as quickly as possible.

Our team of 200+ full stack developers can also assist with off Salesforce platform development making Agile Cloud Consulting a one-stop shop for your product development needs.

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