NGO Connect & Advancement Connect Migration

Salesforce is retiring NGO Connect and Advancement Connect on January 31st 2023. If you use one of these products now is the time to determine which Non Profit Cloud or Education Cloud products you will migrate to. You will have to map current functionality, rewire all of your integration points, efficiently update custom code, migrate your communities, migrate your data, and possibly connect to a data warehouse. All while keeping your organization running. 

That’s where Agile Cloud Consulting can help.

Who better to lead this migration than a team of experts that helped build and implement NGO Connect and Advancement Connect for years. We understand all of the complexities of the original product and their incoming replacements. When you choose a partner for this undertaking you don’t have time for a learning curve.

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    Map Current Functionality

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    Rewire Integration Points

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    Update Custom Code

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    Migrate Communities

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    Migrate Data

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    Connect to a Data Warehouse

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    NGOC Expertise

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    NPSP Expertise

Our Approach

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We will do an initial assessment of how you are using NGO Connect or Advancement Connect as well as a full analysis of workflow, custom code, integrations, communities, and data volume. This will allow us to estimate a level of effort and timeline for your migration. 

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  1. We will work with your Salesforce AE to help secure the environments needed for the transition.
  2. We then deploy a team of experts assigned to business process mapping, system integration, and data migration.
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Our team has done this before. We will leverage baseline mappings and work in multiple concurrent streams to expedite the discovery, build, UAT, training, deployment, and go live support to make sure your migration is successful.

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