Make the most out of GivingTuesday + enter to win a free Salesforce org assessment

GivingTuesday is the largest fundraising day of the year and falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It is a global generosity day intended to follow the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The strategy and timing of GivingTuesday is effective – last year, $2.7B was raised on this day in the United States.  

In the spirit of GivingTuesday, Agile Cloud Consulting is donating a free Salesforce Assessment, one of our experts will meet with you, analyze your Salesforce instance, and provide a roadmap of recommendations to optimize your org..  (Check out our blog on why your organization may need a “health check”) to one lucky non-profit organization.  Click here to enter.

Back to GivingTuesday – oodles of emails are sent on GivingTuesday.  To distinguish yourself, here are some tips:  

  • Plan now!  Plan your communications cadence and content now so you can “set it and forget it” – incorporate GivingTuesday in your year-end fundraising plan
  • Content with impact. Incorporate stewardship, stories, images, and the impact of donating in your messaging. Make it a campaign: “We are raising $800K today to fund our learning lab building for our community youth.” Keep it brief.
  • GivingEveryTuesday. Incorporate recurring giving as a strategy. Subscription-based giving is growing and will continue to grow.
  • Steward your constituents year-round. Don’t just come around on GivingTuesday.  Donors need to be cultivated, solicited, and thanked all the time, not just in November and December.  
  • Acquire proper marketing tools. Do you have the right marketing solution?  If you don’t have Pardot, now is the time to implement it so you can be up and running by next October to get the right message to the right person at the right time.  
  • Innovate.  Try something new and catchy with a segment of your house file.  Maybe try a “Thank you Tuesday” and then a “Giving Wednesday.” That’s radical, I know.  


Finally for those of you entering ACC’s GivingTuesday gift – we look forward to reading your submission. Good luck!


Lisa Fay is a technology and former non-profit executive with more than 20 years of experience championing and implementing technology in creative ways that position organizations to grow and be more efficient. She brings her real-world CRM implementation experience to her customers when working through the often nuanced and complex pathways of non-profit work.

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