How To Recruit For Salesforce Positions

I have many connections that are recruiting for Salesforce and wanted to help you navigate the landscape of the Salesforce ecosystem. I get many emails that indicate the recruiter has not done any research and just searched on the “Salesforce” keyword. Within Salesforce there are four primary categories of positions which can overlap depending on the level of the recruits experience. This is why research is so important. The four categories are:

  1. Admin- usually working directly for a company and has expertise in declarative development and some coding
  2. Developer- primarily works with coding triggers, apex, and visualforce pages. Ideally would also know the declarative
    side of Salesforce.
  3. Consultant- usually has a combo of BA, PM, and Salesforce expertise.
  4. Technical Architect- Has overall Salesforce expertise, especially on an overall architecture level. TA’s design systems
    and make sure they are built to scale.

Hope this helps!

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