How To Become A Certified Administrator (Updated)

I did this blog post a few years back and it was helpful to many readers to get them on the right track, so i decided to do an update since there have been some changes since my first post.  Salesforce has been life changing for me and i recommend getting certified to many of my friends and family members as it can be life changing for them as well in setting them on a path to working with this wonderful platform.

Update: 1/7/2020- A useful article on what a Salesforce Admin is:

What Is a Salesforce Admin?

Updated 3/28/2015- Go through these 6 Trailhead modules before you continue with the below steps.  This is a great new training tool:

Here are the steps i recommend to get started:

  1. Read the following:
  2. Sign up for a Developer Edition organization- This is a free organization that will let you develop and practice what you will be learning as well as access basic online training.  You can sign up for multiple developer orgs if needed. To sign up:
      • Go to click “Join Now” and fill out the form.  Once the form is submitted you will get two emails, one with follow up information and one with your login link.  Once you click on the link you will be prompted to change your password, then you will be redirected to your org.
  3. Once your developer org is ready the next step is to take the online training modules.  Follow the steps in this video to navigate to the available training.
  4. Take the following online training modules to start:
    • Getting Started: Navigating Salesforce
    • Getting Started: Using the Sales Cloud
    • Getting Started: Administering Salesforce
    • Getting Started with Reports and Dashboards
    • Social Media Goes to Work Chatter
    • Getting a Head Start with Chatter
    • Managing Users and troubleshooting login issues
    • Getting started with managing data
  5.  Once you complete these modules start your hands on training by completing the following workbooks:
  6. After completing these workbooks you can optionally take the Admin Essentials course provided by Salesforce (if you have the resources) although this may not be necessary if you paid attention to steps 1-5 : )
  7. Now you are ready to try to get certified as an Admin!
  8. If you have any questions post them here! and they will be addressed by the wonderful community members.
  9. Register for your Certified Administrator exam:
  10. Whats next? Get your Advanced Admin, Developer, Sales and Service Cloud Consultant certifications : )

Edit: also download and work through this book!

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