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When we aren’t implementing new services for our clients and using our Agile methodology, we are using our creative side to dive into the world of Overcast inc! We created the first Salesforce ecosystem-inspired Sunday comic strip, Agile Clouds Comic. The main characters work at Overcast Inc., bringing in new clientele and getting those invoices paid! They are the best in class! Bob the Boss is honest. He makes the company go-’round, and if he doesn’t know something, he will get the job done by outsourcing! Connie, the Consultant, is nothing to play with; she ensures the money flows smoothly, and if it isn’t, she will surely pay a visit. Adam the Admin, and Devin the Developer are the brains of the operation; they can figure out anything. 

Things flow well when it’s just the hard workers at Overcast, but no world is a true utopia, and what goes up must come down. Bob’s brother, Fred the Firer, loves to make everyone’s life a little more difficult as he feels it spices things up a little (wildly firing employees around holidays). He takes after their dad, Bob sr., who feels cheating his way through life is the only life to live! Fred is with S.M.O.G (Sell More Oil and Gas), and not only is Overcast inc. working diligently daily to produce work for clients, but they’re also fighting against the twisted ways of S.M.O.G.

Our CEO and Founder, Sharif Shaalan, and Creative Director, Al Tariq Graves, came up with the most out-of-the-box concepts to curate a new series inspired by timeless movies and tv shows of our time. Each Sunday follows each character’s adventures, and we keep our subscribers on their toes as they don’t know what to expect! 

In part one of our fan-favorite series, The Cloudfather, Bob Corleone is talking to Adam to ensure he spends enough time on Trailhead because “An Admin that doesn’t spend time on Trailhead can never be a real Admin.” He soon gets a visit from a troubled friend who needs some help to go live.  Bob will need to make Devin an “Offer he can’t refuse!” to get the trigger built on time. Check out the entire collection here.

We couldn’t do a Salesforce-ecosystem-inspired comic without mentioning the HEAVY HITTERS in the industry! The top-tier Salesforce legends are who you need to know! Our Comic strip not only navigates you through the adventures of Overcast Inc. and the cast of characters but also highlights the LEGENDS in the Salesforce industry. We spotlight the Nuff Respect Legends who inspire so many of us daily! Check out some familiar faces here!

In real life, we work hard… We put our energy into work, family, and ourselves, and sometimes it’s ok to kick back and take 5 minutes to yourself to escape. That’s why we love our comic! Subscribe now, so you don’t miss out, and get the Sunday Comic delivered straight to your inbox to enjoy with your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

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