Client Success Story: PHCC Educational Foundation

Agile Cloud Consulting Supports the PHCC Educational Foundation to Boost the Plumbing and HVACR Industry Workforce

The PHCC Educational Foundation provides innovative educational programming to enhance the growth and success of the plumbing and HVACR industry workforce. To deliver on their mission, the Foundation offers educational programs and training aimed at industry employees at every stage of their career. The PHCC Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established by members of the PHCC National, the oldest trade association in the construction industry.  

The Growing Popularity of Trades Highlighted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2014, the PHCC Educational Foundation had 140 apprentices spread across eight states. The enrollment process was manual, relying on spreadsheets, email for communication, and a separate system for billing. Staff dedicated substantial time and effort to reaching out to potential apprentices through follow-up phone calls. On top of that, addressing service requests from apprentices entailed labor-intensive, time-consuming manual follow-up by staff. 

With rapid expansion and a surge in interest in trade professions, particularly driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, enrollments skyrocketed to an impressive 6,700. It quickly became clear that the foundation’s existing systems and processes were no longer viable for effectively managing and accommodating this growing student body. 

Choosing Salesforce, The Gold Standard, as the Way Forward

After careful consideration of multiple technologies, including smaller platforms, the PHCC Educational Foundation made the strategic decision to implement Salesforce, renowned as the gold standard among relationship management solutions. This decision was primarily influenced by Salesforce’s remarkable adaptability, which would enable customized solutions to streamline the foundation’s intricate workflows and processes.

The foundation assessed numerous Salesforce consulting partners and chose Agile Cloud Consulting because of the team’s transparency and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Our team implemented Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Nonprofit Success Pack and tailored each of these products to align with the client’s business requirements. Acknowledging the critical nature of continuous student engagement, Agile Cloud Consulting also implemented Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and created automations and engagement programs to streamline and enhance communication efforts. 

Additionally, we leveraged Service Cloud to harness the power of digital engagement (through a chatbot), enabling the foundation to manage service requests from apprentices in a way that wasn’t possible before. This frees up hundreds of hours of staff time each month, allowing them to concentrate on developing the next wave of skilled technicians and future industry leaders. 

Lastly, we integrated the foundation’s learning management system (LMS), Absorb, with Salesforce. 

Salesforce-Powered Transformation at 100% User Adoption

The migration to Salesforce proved to be transformational for the PHCC Educational Foundation. By digitizing their processes, they overcame the limitations of their manual methods and can now effectively manage the substantial influx of students.

Salesforce has enabled centralized management of data, eliminating the need for manual data entry and improving data accuracy and consistency. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement now handles inquiry follow-up communication with apprentices, ensuring consistent and timely engagement with the customer’s target audiences. The Service Cloud implementation, and the ability to service apprentices through the chatbot, saves the foundation hundreds of hours per month. 

With automated billing processes, the administrative burden is reduced, and payments can be made at any time, providing a more convenient and accessible experience. This has also improved the foundation’s financial operations and saves the foundation valuable time that they can now spend on marketing and course development. 

Despite initial reservations about technology, 100% of staff members have adopted Salesforce. For the PHCC Educational Foundation, Salesforce does the work of one full-time employee, which would cost the customer $75,000 annually. These are significant savings for an organization looking to maximize their impact.

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At Agile Cloud Consulting, we firmly believe in taking a holistic approach to business solutions. Combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of our client’s needs, we are a leading provider in empowering companies to leverage the power of technology to grow. We are a Salesforce Summit Partner, Salesforce PDO Partner, and Snowflake Services Partner. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients using the agile methodology, ensuring a strong return on their investment. 

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