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The hot days of summer are upon us, and much of the United States is in the middle of a heat wave.  Lazy days at the pool, summer movie nights in the park, and plenty of fresh fruit to go around; and, it’s time to think about registering your children for the bus to school.  Wait, WHAT?  It’s not that time yet, no, but since school for many districts starts in late August, that got us thinking about classes.  Does your company provide courses or webinars?  

Classes come in many forms.

Maybe you have access to a nutritionist, and they give your constituents free webinars on affordable healthy eating.  You may host a monthly Zoom call for stroke victims to support each other.  Maybe you have training classes for volunteers to learn what they need to know to help at your animal shelter.  

There are many kinds of content for classes, but they all share things in common.  Your instructors need to know when classes are scheduled, where they will be held, and what they will be expected to teach.  Your potential students want to know what classes are available, if they are online or in person, and if they have a cost.  Your organization wants to know which courses are the most popular, who attended them, and ensure the registrations are paid for. 

Are you tired of having multiple people trying to maintain the same spreadsheet for this? Class Enrollment can help.

Class Enrollment from Salesforce Labs is a free app that provides class management functions.  You may do this in a spreadsheet, but you can combine class information with what you already have in Salesforce and open new reporting methods.  You might find out that you need to hold more classes!    You can easily manage:

  • Class Availability
  • Student Registration
  • Attendance
  • Instructor information

Instructors won’t be overscheduled with too many students showing up because you can limit the attendees.  You can provide a list so that potential students can see a list of what you offer and if there is a cost involved before signing up.  You can monitor registrations to see if people cancel or don’t attend a class they registered for.

As with other Salesforce apps, you can make some changes.  One standard difference is to add the ability to track the training venue to your classes if they are in person.

Want to know more about Class Enrollment?  Let us know! We will be happy to help.

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