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“My team had a great time working with Agile! Everyone understood our technological experience levels, which made it easy to communicate with the team as they executed every need we had every step of the way.”

Annie Sullivan, Executive Director

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With Grace is a non-profit organization that pay for one-on-one therapy provided by mental health professionals who have experience working with adolescents. The foundation   matches adolescents with therapists and tracks their therapy sessions and overall progress . However, they faced operational challenges due to the lack of sophistication  in their existing systems.  Prior to implementing Salesforce, With Grace were using multiple systems to track their data, which made it difficult to effectively analyze their progress.

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With Grace understood that operationalizing their mission using Salesforce would be a  step in the right direction after two years of working with basic systems that were not meeting their needs. Tracking adolescent and clinical applications was a complex and time-consuming process. Agile Cloud Consulting implemented the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) as their core architecture and  created custom objects for matching adolescents and therapists.  After being provided training and documentation, With Grace could now input data effectively, leading to a more streamlined process that would inform their analytics and decision-making. Salesforce’s many capabilities  eliminated the need for multiple systems, just in time for their application launch. With Agile Cloud Consulting’s expertise, With Grace was able to optimize their operations, allowing them to focus on their mission and make a meaningful impact on their community.

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With Grace was able to improve  adolescent application acceptance rates and identify available therapists for pairing after ACC helped tailor Salesforce to their unique needs. Additionally, Salesforce’s comprehensive weekly report tracking allowed the organization to monitor their progress in real-time, providing valuable insights into their performance. With Salesforce in place, With Grace was able to rapidly optimize their operations, leading to a significant increase in their output and overall organizational growth.

About The Client

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With Grace is a private non-profit organization dedicated to fostering strong mental health in adolescent-age kids across New York City. With Grace pays for one-on-one therapy provided by mental health professionals who have experience working with adolescents. They also work in partnership with community-based organizations to raise awareness about the lifelong benefits of strong mental health and eliminate the stigma of seeking mental health therapy.

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