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Agile’s consultant was able to anticipate future problems and innovations that we weren’t able to see, and this helped us make good decisions.

Julian Bessinger, Data Manager

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The Equity Institute needed a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to systematize their manual processes and consolidate their multiple data sources.  They were managing data in spreadsheets; they were unable to easily get analytics about their programming and participants and with plans to grow their organization outside the Providence, RI area, they had to make some technology investments. They knew that by managing all that data in Salesforce they could see important metrics about their programs with a click of a button and prepare themselves to deliver even more of their important mission: anti-racist programming to advance equitable learning outcomes for all students. 

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Agile Cloud Consulting created a centralized hub using Salesforce’s program management model (PMM) to reduce redundancy and connect data from multiple data sources, allowing a one-stop view of programs, participants, and the services offered. 

The PMM was customized to fit The Equity Institute’s program needs and ensure a seamless CRM process. Agile Cloud Consulting also delivered robust reporting to support the requirements for inbound grant tracking; grantors expect updates on the programs they are funding. We tailored features to manage grant lifecycle tracking that included: managing to application deadlines, due dates for submitting additional information and generating periodic progress reports. ACC also configured reminders (based on the customer’s business rules) so the Equity Institute wouldn’t miss a beat with grantor stewardship.  This project included implementing automations, which removed the need for manual work and improved the overall staff experience.

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Equity Institute realized the power of Salesforce by breaking down data silos and managing all their programs and program participants in one place.  The team is using the dashboard and reports to tell a story about their programs.  For example, because of how they capture data now (in one place) and are using Salesforce flows, the team is able to automatically calculate the increase in salary after participants graduate from the program. This is one metric of many sure to delight funders (and program participants).  They can now easily report to their funders/ grantors, straight out of Salesforce, about the success of their programs. They are looking to expand their use of Salesforce in the future to include integrated feedback on their programs via participant surveys.

About The Client

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The Equity Institute is an education-based nonprofit organization working to develop innovative systems that cultivate anti-racist, people-centered communities for all learners. They help schools and organizations become more culturally responsive and inclusive while addressing the question of how to promote equity in schools and communities.

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