Stella Quarta Decima Gallery Case Study

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The Stella Quarta Decima Gallery needed to establish an online presence as a new business. The client needed a website to manage the sales of art and the artists associated with the gallery. The Stella Quarta Decima Gallery team did not have the technical knowledge in-house, and they knew they needed a consultant to take on the project. When they started their search, some criteria included affordability, best-in-class expertise, and communication.

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Agile Cloud Consulting was recommended to the Stella Quarta Decima Gallery. Agile took on the design and development of a custom WordPress website, beginning the process with wireframing and creating designs for each web page. Agile began developing the website based on the designs upon approval from the client. Agile also ensured the website was optimized for search engines, adding keywords where needed and optimizing technical SEO as part of the project. The client had access to a dedicated team of resources throughout the project.

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Thanks to the website built by Agile, the client has a clean website with an intuitive interface. Optimized SEO allows for the website to be found in search engines, attracting website visitors to explore the art the gallery has to offer. By leveraging Agile’s product expertise, the client has saved a significant amount of money and time it would take to learn and implement the technology on their own. The Stella Quarta Decima Gallery is ready for the launch and growth of the business. 

About The Client

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“Partnering with Agile was easy. The team was very flexible and excellent in their communication throughout the project. They put a premium on the needs of the client.” –Benjamin Ward, Founder, and CEO

The Stella Quarta Decima Gallery was established in 2020 by Benjamin Ward. The gallery exhibits and sells works from selected artists. Pieces can also be purchased online. 

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