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Siloed legacy systems across sales, marketing, and customer service teams resulted in inefficiencies. This led Sectigo to re-evaluate its CRM strategy. Information silos among sales, marketing, and service teams led to missed opportunities. Manual data management required long hours that could be better used on customer acquisition strategies. Marketing teams struggled to balance branding with functionality on customer-facing, multilingual websites, and Legacy quoting and contracting processes led to long sales cycles.

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Agile Cloud Consulting facilitated people, processes, and technology to work in sync.

We Implemented Sales Cloud, CPQ, Experience Cloud (Community Cloud), Live Agent, and Self-Service Knowledge for service agents to improve case handling. We also Provided a framework for robust KPIs across all departments.

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Sectigo now has comprehensive and cohesive insights into its customer base.

User adoption of Sales Cloud and CPQ across sales teams has increased efficiency and visibility throughout the sales process. Agile implemented a live Agent, and Self-Service Knowledge enabled service agents to deflect cases, which reduced response times for support.

Lastly, departments now have actionable data points to make informed business decisions thanks to the KPI framework.

About The Client

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“Agile Cloud Consulting has been crucial to the success of our Salesforce implementation. We are now a year and a half in, and it is incredible how far we have come.” –Elisabeth Kooijmans, Salesforce Administrator 

Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) is the largest globally trusted commercial Certificate Authority with over 100 million SSL certificates issued in 200+ countries. They migrated their data and processes from legacy systems to Salesforce and achieved scalable and automated transformation.

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Agile Cloud Consulting provides end-to-end Salesforce services. Our expertise extends beyond technology and into business processes and strategic planning for the future. We specialize in for-profit, non-profit, higher education, and healthcare utilizing years of experience and hundreds of successful implementations to help you achieve your organizational goals.

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