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“Agile Cloud Consulting already knew our environment and our data model. They had the expertise to manage the project, and they were our partners throughout the entire experience.”

Ed Harrison, the project sponsor at Prison Fellowship Ministries

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Prison Fellowship Ministries (PFM) was a legacy NGO Connect (NGOC) customer that used most of the features available in the managed package solution.  They also utilized roundData. Additionally, PFM  had online giving forms connected to NGOC, and they had integrated Classy, Phone to Action, and SpringBoard online donation management into their environment. PFM used Great Plains to manage their accounting functions and integrated this solution to NGOC.

The PFM Salesforce environment was complex.  How they were using NGOC and what they had integrated into their org was sophisticated.  Their usage of NGOC was extensive, and they took full advantage of the Salesforce platform and complementary solutions in the ecosystem.  The technology enabled PFM to advance the mission of the organization. They were looking for a partner with expertise. 

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When they learned that Salesforce would retire the NGOC product, Prison Fellowship Ministries made the decision to move to NPSP.  They sought out a partner with deep knowledge of NGOC and one who was capable of migrating processes, systems, and data to NPSP.  They needed a partner who could also build a data warehouse to replace roundData.  In addition, the organization wanted to move from Marketo (their legacy email marketing system) to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  Moving from one Salesforce org to another meant that every record needed to be touched.

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Agile Cloud Consulting built a replacement for roundData. The data model change from NGOC to NPSP was significant, and it required preparatory work between PFM and the Agile Cloud data analysts. As part of the migration work, PFM elected to restructure Organizational Contacts to make them compliant with the NPSP data model and leverage Account Affiliations. This meant that over 30+ million records were affected, and the data team managed that entire process when they migrated opportunity records from NGOC to NPSP.  Agile Cloud Consulting successfully migrated PFM from NGOC to NPSP. 

This transformation included multiple technology systems, involved multiple workstreams, and relied on many subject matter experts.  At go-live, Prison Fellowship Ministries was able to successfully process gifts, run critical reports, and process transactions in their new accounting system.  In addition, Agile Cloud Consulting had migrated millions of records from roundData into PFM’s new data warehouse. 

About The Client

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Prison Fellowship® works to restore America’s criminal justice system and those it affects. They help men and women replace the cycle of brokenness that landed them in prison, and advocate for justice reform and activate grassroot networks to do the same. Prison Fellowship equips wardens to bring restorative change to their facilities. They care for prisoners’ families and help strengthen the bond between children and their parents who are behind bars. Prison Fellowship calls the Church to lead the way in caring for those impacted by the criminal justice system. And they do it all from a biblical worldview.

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