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The world of orthopedic surgery is complex. Beyond the usual challenges of operating on the human body, orthopedic surgical teams must also navigate hundreds and sometimes thousands of screws, plates, and drill bits as they rebuild broken bones and replace knees. Recognizing the opportunity for improvement, ORtelligence engaged Agile Cloud Consulting to develop technology to streamline the world of orthopedic surgery and the medical industry at large.

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Agile Cloud Consulting developed a platform designed to leverage artificial intelligence technologies that identify the tools and parts needed for a particular procedure. Tools and components are recommended to the surgeon based on past surgeries. The platform also helps surgical technicians and device representatives find and prepare the tools and parts. Using image recognition and natural language processing, ORtelligence also help surgical teams work with the devices and virtually connects them with a device representative when needed.

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ORtelligence successfully launched the platform, which is currently used by a major healthcare system and expected to be deployed by two additional healthcare systems. Thanks to the successful development of the platform, the company recently raised $4.3 million from angel investors, which will enable ORtelligence to expand the team and accelerate growth. The company is also exploring strategic partnerships with medical device companies. 

About The Client

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“Agile Cloud Consulting has been a true and trusted partner every step
of the way.”  –Tim Donnelly, CEO, and Founder

ORtelligence is an AI-enabled platform that digitizes and optimizes the operating room supply chain to drive teamwork, efficiency, and quality. The company empowers surgical stakeholders with a central platform for scheduling, implant selection, logistics, surgical support, implant and instrument right-sizing, and data analytics.

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Agile Cloud Consulting provides end-to-end Salesforce services. Our expertise extends beyond technology and into business processes and strategic planning for the future. We specialize in for-profit, non-profit, higher education, and healthcare utilizing years of experience and hundreds of successful implementations to help you achieve your organizational goals.

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