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-Tom Melbourne, Founder & CEO

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OpnMkt (Open Market) was developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Tom Melbourne, to disrupt monolithic SDR/BDR business processes. While Tom had the industry expertise, he did not have the technical ability to bring his concept to life. Agile Cloud Consulting stepped in to help him bridge the business concepts with the technical expertise needed develop a Salesforce AppExchange offering.


As a startup, striking the right balance between functionality, timeline, and budget were critical considerations to driving long-term success.

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Agile Cloud Consulting (ACC) conducted a collaborative discovery process to uncover both the technical requirements and business drivers for the solution. Keeping a customer-centric view of the OpnMkt’s target market was a northstar for the project to maximize go-to-market efforts and drive revenue for the startup. 

The native Salesforce App leveraged a data model agnostic architecture and second generation packaging to ensure the solution would scale and be easily adopted regardless of the existing Salesforce deployment.  

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OpnMkt was able to start engaging the market with product demonstrations and visuals using a beta package while Salesforce conducted its Security Review Process. This allowed the OpnMkt team to focus on driving business while the final technical aspects were ironed out.

Today, OpnMkt is available for purchase providing an internal marketplace for sales leads distribution. SDRs list qualified prospects. Account Executives choose them.

About The Client

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The current SDR to AE handoff processes are broken. So we reimagined it and created a marketplace approach to new lead / prospect / opportunity distribution.
SDRs list the prospects they sourced in an internal marketplace; AEs choose which leads they want to pursue. This model removes the subjective quantity vs. quality and accepted to pipeline squabbles. OpnMkt (Open Market) is more than just a sales effectiveness tool. It’s completely reimagining the status quo. Sales teams are made up of people; let’s invest in them like the individuals they are. Put the human-to-human back into B2B and empower your teams to take control of their pipeline and close deals. 

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