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Our main focus is the kids, and Agile has allowed us to systemize our CRM to give the kids more opportunities to be independent when volunteering and ultimately help tell our story”

Hannah Paddock, Director of Development (formally Program Director)

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Kids Helping Kids (KHK) introduced Salesforce to their non-profit 12 years ago, so they were no strangers to the powerful CRM when they asked Agile Cloud Consulting (ACC) for help reorganizing their system. KHK sought professional services from ACC because they understood that they weren’t utilizing the best practices of the many features Salesforce has to offer. KHK wanted to improve how they track their volunteers, capture and maintain their kids’ demographic information, and interact with their donors. Ultimately, their goal is to grow their impact and share their story using trustworthy structured data.

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Agile Cloud Consulting worked with Kids Helping Kids to identify opportunities to improve how they store and interact with their data in Salesforce. First, ACC upgraded their Lightning Experience pages and overall interface to increase the system’s visual appeal and usability, contributing to a best-in-class user experience.  ACC then focused on rearchitecting their use of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S). We started by deprecating custom fields in favor of NPSP fields, mapping form-submitted data from freeform text fields to restricted picklists, automating record creation using these updated fields, and migrating legacy data to the architecture already available in Salesforce, NPSP, and V4S.

ACC was able to create additional value by reorganizing how KHK tracks matching gifts and memberships. Further, we helped by providing insight and assistance in properly leveraging the Campaign Hierarchy feature, NPSP Settings, and the NPSP data model so that their data is more dependable, easy to understand, and reportable for use by grant writers and executives.

After the system’s foundation was reworked to be more effective, ACC introduced updates to Volunteers for Salesforce so that parents and kids could better report details about their company and school affiliations and sign up for volunteer opportunities with Kids Helping Kids. Leveraging Salesforce’s powerful automation capabilities and packages, such as Volunteers for Salesforce, helps make KHK more efficient and enables them to have a greater impact. ACC provided training and decision rationale throughout the engagement so KHK could understand the value of a properly-organized constituent relationship management system.

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With these system improvements, KHK has empowered child volunteers to more easily register for volunteer experiences, while optimizing data collection to be able to share a powerful narrative about their important work. These optimizations enable KHK to serve more volunteers, strengthen their storytelling, and enhance the grant writing and reporting process to paint a picture of their impact on donors interested in supporting their unique mission.

About The Client

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The mission of Kids Helping Kids is to facilitate the development of leadership skills through youth-led service projects. KHK gives students a voice, the tools, the belief in themselves, and a path to take their power and positively impact others! All of the projects are created, planned, and led by youth. They provide meaningful and enriching experiences, foster personal connections, help our youth develop critical 21st-century skills, and fill a need for kids throughout the community.

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