Computers for Community Case Study

“You took someone who had never touched Salesforce and helped us configure our new CRM system that enables us to track contacts and interactions for current and future customers.”

Don Gentry, Executive Director

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To meet the needs of their customers, Computers for Community wanted a CRM that would help manage the collection and refurbishment of computers. In addition to refurbishing computers, Computers for Community repurposes and recycles used, old, and slow or broken devices. They also collect e-waste and provide value-added reseller (VAR) services to nonprofits at a discounted rate. The organization collects electronics from a variety of sources including campus drives and onsight truck requests. They even receive equipment mailed in by generous donors.  


To manage their operations, Computers for Community required a system that would help streamline the requests and leads they received from their parent organization. In order to align efforts, Computers for Community invested in Salesforce and engaged Agile Cloud Consulting to help with the implementation of their ideas and processes.

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Agile Cloud Consulting built two custom objects to keep track of devices received by the organization and to note which partners received refurbished equipment. A new object was designed to track and record where devices are delivered.  The transition to Salesforce was seamless, and it was simple for the customer to move data into the new system. 

Agile also utilized Salesforce Elevate to configure a customer donation page.  The intuitive interface means that in a few clicks, a donor can make a gift to Computers for Community and support the mission and operation of the organization.

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The implementation of Salesforce allowed Computers for Community to adapt to the growing needs of the organization. Because Agile is committed to helping customers learn Salesforce, Computers for Community was empowered to easily take ownership of their newly 

configured system and the data that flows into the system.


The successful launch of the CRM project has enabled Computers for Community to continue to realize efficiencies and reach their ultimate goal which was to record interactions with current and future clients and ensure new projects are tracked.

About The Client

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Computers for Community is impacting lives and the environment one device at a time. Their mission is to eliminate the digital divide as the organization supplies communities with the digital tools they need to be successful. Computers for Community believes that communities, corporations, and nonprofits can work together to make digital tools accessible to all. They collect used laptops from individuals and organizations, reimage them with a Google Chrome operating system, and redistribute devices to the community through their nonprofit partners. Computers for Community donors can be confident that the reusable devices, donated e-waste, and money allocated to technology sales and integration makes a significant impact.

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