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“Agile understood that we needed to have a better way to communicate with donors. This was done under budget, and Agile was able to offer additional services including the ability to import financial data from external sources and collect grantee reports. I can’t express enough how helpful and smooth this process was!”  

                                                                                        –Cristine Clayton, Executive Director

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Commonwealth Charitable Management wanted to provide donors access to timely, updated, and relevant information about their funds.  The organization required a solution that can store donor information, track donations and grants, and regularly update financial information related to fund performance.  CCM wanted to enable all staff members to have consistent information about donors and be able to easily and efficiently respond to donor requests.  Furthermore, Commonwealth Charitable Management wanted to empower donors to access this information themselves.

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Commonwealth Charitable Management uses an external source to manage fund investments, track fund performance, and review fund balances.  Agile Cloud Consulting created a process that enables CCM to regularly upload their financial data to Salesforce. This provides a more complete snapshot of a charitable fund in Salesforce.  Access to this detailed information allows CCM staff to provide a better customer experience to their donors. 

Agile Cloud Consulting configured a form for grant recipients to report on how grant funds are being used. When submitted, this data is presented in Salesforce and CCM staff are notified of updates. By appending this information to the grant record, the organization is able to present a comprehensive fund portfolio that includes grants and their usage. It was important to CCM that donors have on-demand access to this same level of information. To achieve this, Agile Cloud Consulting (ACC) created an immersive donor experience that provides greater access and transparency for Commonwealth Charitable Management’s clients.  ACC configured the Salesforce Experience Cloud solution and built a donor portal that leverages the data and architecture structure already in place in CCM’s Salesforce instance.

Within the Community Experience, donors can now view details about their fund’s performance including information about scholarships and grants that have been awarded from their funds. Donors also have insight to reports that detail how grant funds are being used by the grant recipients. ACC also developed a quarterly Fund Statement which is generated via Conga Composer and then shared with the donor in the Community.  

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The staff at Commonwealth Charitable Management now have all pertinent donor information available in their Salesforce org. This allows CCM to better respond to donor inquiries and provide an enhanced customer experience.  Donors can view this information without needing to make a phone call or send an email.  They are empowered to access content on demand and have insights into the scholarships and grants they fund as well as fund donations and performance.  

“Through partnerships with providers such as Salesforce and Agile Consulting, CCM has the ability to grant over four million dollars this year to benefit neighbors in our own community, students across Pennsylvania, and nonprofits around the globe. Thank you for your help connecting our donors with causes that matter to them.” 

                                                                                         –Cristine Clayton, Executive Director

About The Client

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Commonwealth Charitable Management (CCM) is a nonprofit organization that administers charitable funds to benefit a wide range of causes. Donors provide scholarships for students in preK-12th grades, and they also fund grants that address community needs ranging from education to animal welfare. 

Commonwealth Charitable Management enables current and generational charitable giving for individuals, families, and businesses in the Endless Mountains region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. CCM helps donors make a difference as they invest in the causes that matter to them.  

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