Salesforce Assessment

What can you do in the short, medium and long term to maximize your Salesforce Investment?

We are a collection of some of the worlds most experienced consultants, architects, developers, and Salesforce MVP’s with years of experience in the for-profit, non-profit, higher education and healthcare industries within the Salesforce ecosystem.

You can look to us as your independent health providers for your Salesforce instance. Whether you are looking to put out a request for proposal or just gain visibility into your org, we assess and thoroughly document your current state then make recommendations for the short, medium, and long term strategic vision of your organization. Our analysis will help you navigate the many decisions and make informed choices as you build your roadmap. After our initial health check we will be available as your trusted advisors and technical experts as new challenges arise.

  • Prepare your next RFP with Confidence

  • Choose the right partners and vendors

  • Choose the right 3rd party apps

  • Prepare your roadmap

  • Purchase the correct licenses

  • Build to Scale

  • Corrective Measures

  • Eliminate Re-work

Our offering can be broken out into three main parts that we found add a tremendous value to your business


We speak to your stakeholders and do a thorough assessment of the technology used drive your business including all configuration, integration and data health.


After our analysis we go offsite and work with our team to provide you with thorough documentation of your current state. This document includes:

  • Architecture Analysis
  • System Overview Analysis
  • Platform Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Code Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis


After our full analysis and documentation we now have enough information to make our recommendations based on our extensive Salesforce and industry best practices expertise. We provide these recommendations for the short (1-3 Months), medium (3-9 Months) and long (9 Months+) term. You can take this analysis and use it as a blueprint for your strategic roadmap.

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