A Guide To Finding Answers To Your Salesforce.com Questions

All of us (users, admins, consultants etc.) have questions as we perform our daily Salesforce tasks. There are so many resources available its sometimes hard to navigate and know where to go and in what order to get an answer.  This guide will help you through the clouds : )

This is my personal methodology and order of searching:

  1. Salesforce help & training–  The salesforce help and training in any of your orgs will point you to a searchable help database.  You can usually find what you need here if you know how to get there.
  2. Google–  Usually googling the issue will lead you to Salesforce help & training : )
  3. Dev related?
  4. Non Dev related?
  5. #Askforce hashtag on twitter.  Just ask your question and add this hashtag
  6. Salesforce Support- After checking 1-5 and not getting an answer you can open a case with Salesforce- from your org go to Help & Training > Contact Support > Open a Case

Note: If you have non-profit related questions 1-6 apply but you should start with checking on the Power of Us Hub you will need to log in with your Salesforce.com account.

If you use other resources add them to the comments!

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