5 reasons why you need an implementation partner

Would you be able (or want) to fix your car yourself if the alternator broke?  Would you be able to remediate, say, bats in your attic?  We hire experts to help us in life all the time.  Here are 5 reasons to consider Agile Cloud Consulting and the “outsourcing” approach for your Salesforce needs.  

  1. You will have world-class expertise at your fingertips.  These skills may not be in house, and they don’t need to be in house.
  2. We do the work.  Your business and engagement all run on some sort of technology, even if via a spreadsheet. Having a trusted tech partner is as important as having a trusted plumber or car mechanic.  You strive to not always need them but you are glad when you can call and they show up.
  3. We advise. During the process, we use our considerable industry experience to advise on scalable structure and processes. You can benefit from what we’ve seen in other organizations and position your technology to support your goals.
  4. We teach.  Through training and documentation, we enable you to manage your Salesforce instance after our engagement is complete.
  5. We enable change management. You know your business best; your team is involved in the iterative development process and as a result, you get what you want. 

While you may be able to do all of this yourself (including remediating bats in your attic), it doesn’t mean you should.  By working with Agile Cloud Consulting, you will get a world-class team of experts who always put the customer first.


Lisa Fay is a technology and non-profit executive with more than 20 years of experience championing and implementing technology in creative ways that, position organizations to grow and be more efficient. She brings her real-world CRM implementation experience to her customers when working through the often nuanced and complex pathways of non-profit work.


About Agile Cloud Consulting

Agile Cloud Consulting (ACC) is Salesforce.com Crest Consulting Partner, a Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcer), a Salesforce.org Impact Partner and a proud Pledge 1% member.

ACC specializes in CRM implementations, data migration and development across diverse industries with specialization in HighTech, non-profit, higher education, MedTech, manufacturing, FinServ, and health care. ACC has practices around web development, mobile application development and software application development including Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.  

Born out of a successful Salesforce acquisition , Sharif Shaalan (Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame) founded ACC in 2019.  ACC is supported by a team of certified Salesforce and change management experts and industry leaders from the C-Suite.

ACC uses the sprint-based, collaborative Agile Scrum Methodology. Customers participate in the project lifecycle to increase velocity and efficiency. Empowering organizations to be more effective and efficient at delivering organizational objectives through the use of technology is what drives the ACC team.

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